Hussaina Wardhawala

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Hussaina Wardhawala

I am a Product Designer 'Llama' at LlamaZOO Interactive where I work with Mining, Oil and Gas and Forestry industries to help visualize their 3D spatial data through Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Owing to my computer science engineering background, I communicate with software developers on my designs to make sure the interaction of products works seamlessly. I have self-initiated and led two entrepreneurial ventures up until now, an Augmented Reality game for kids and a Virtual Reality game for young adults. Over time, these skills have accrued to shape me into a people-person.

Prior to LlamaZOO, I was leading a team of designers and developers to build 3D solutions to educate high school students on climate change in Vancouver,BC. I believe that stories are the most powerful tool for human connection and have extended my user experience design , journalism and computer science knowledge to designing interactive products and innovative story-telling.

I chose to design products for users,after I graduated as a Bachelor Of Computer Science and Technology from University of Pune, India. While pursuing my master’s in Digital Media from Vancouver, I had opportunities to work with Relic Entertainment and Blackbird Interactive on prototypes where I played Experience designer and Product manager roles.

When not pushing pixels, coding, or attending conferences about innovative design and tech, I can be found geeking out with the latest Nintendo games, exploring bigger cities like NY, SF and their interactive museums, or hiking the mountains in Vancouver. I also enjoy volunteering with climate change solution teams and organizations.